Monday, December 8, 2008


So this is my first blog!! Well I just thought I would follow the crowd and hope that we can all keep in touch better! I miss all my friends and family! We are all doing great here. Aubrey(6) is in the first grade and is doing really well. She loves school...but won't openly admit it! She is a member of Choral Collections...a singing group and she LOVES IT! Her group just sang at the festival of trees and this Thursday they will be singing down at the Joseph Smith Bldg in SLC. Kallum(5) is staying home with me and I am teaching him Pre-school stuff. I don't know how teachers do it! SHEESH! He is very much into trains and Polar Express at the moment. He also really loves Tornados. He is the funniest little guy, but has quite a temper....don't know WHERE that came from....uh hmmm. :o) Jeremy is working really hard all the time. He works for FLSmidth-Dorr Oliver Eimco as a buyer. We are so lucky he landed such a great job! He also on some nights works as a delivery driver for Papa Johns Pizza. Doesn't pay much, but it definately helps! PLUS we get discount pizza! As for me...I am just busy being the maid....UM I mean Mom. In June I was fortunate enough to get Lap-Band Surgery and I am quit proud of myself! I have lost 72lbs so far and I feel so much better than I used too! I would reccomend it to anyone who needs this awesome tool! Who would have thunk I could actually lose weight! NOT ME! :o) Anywho we are just getting ready for Christmas! Aubrey and Kallum are sooo excited they can't stand it! In years past I hadn't put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve night after they had gone to bed. SO this year I decided to put a few under and see how it goes. GRRR they are driving me nuts!! LOL Every day......102 times a day...."can we open the presents Mom???" I think it helps them be a little more excited about Christmas, so I will just have to live with the 102 questions! We finally got the lights on the house and today I made some Christmas trees I saw on Martha Stewart website and they turned out so cute!! Tomato cages turned upside down and then you wrap lights around them! Then I added a little bow on top so they look a little cuter in the day. Yeah me! Plus it has been snowing today and that just gets me more in the mood for Christmas!